Forces by Proxy -

a Quantum Mechanical aether theory of everything 

·       The vacuum energy of QM consists of an  extremely energetic aether 

·       Aether units interacting with matter lose interaction probability 

·       Lower aether pressure from the side of matter causes Gravity


2017 Division space and aether 

Total aether pressure shown together with the miniscule net aether pressure difference, which is gravity. Gravity is normally not visible on the same scale as the total aether pressure - the latter is too big.



·       General Relativity is a theory built on small aether pressure differences. 

·       General Relativity is an approximation ignoring total aether pressure. 

·       Quantum Mechanics works with total particle-aether interaction.  

·       Time is a function of the total particle-aether interaction frequency. 

·       Particle-aether interaction never stops totally – time never stops. 

ð GR breaks down toward the smallest scale in Quantum Mechanics.

ð GR breaks down toward singularities from extremely large masses. 


The Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

A detectable quantum mechanical event consists of two statistically independent sub-events

Sub-event 1: The pressure on the particle varies randomly. Impulse transfers from aether units delivers a randomly changing, directional pressure force.

Sub-event 2: The potential barrier itself varies randomly. Aether emission from the topography of particles setting up the barrier has normal statistical fluctuations.


           A particle trapped in a double potential well with a potential barrier in the middle.   

0 8 2016- qm barriere few


This QM event requires a sum of minimum 6 standard deviations in the particle and the barrier combined. When the random fluctuations combined exceed 6, tunneling will occur.


0 2017- tabell paradigmeskifte


Table comparing the basic forces within today’s paradigm (left) and our aether theory (right).  Force arrows are placed to indicate the source of the force as a visual aid.


Forces by Proxy – A unifying aether theory of everything

You will now be presented to the second edition of one of the most radical approaches to a unifying theory ever put forwards. Forces by Proxy builds on the postulated existence of an immensely dense, immensely energetic aether, corresponding to the vacuum energy of Quantum Mechanics. By starting from QM there is no vacuum catastrophe, and the weakness of gravity does not pose any problem. Everything starts with the aether, then phenomena manifest themselves in QM, and gravity is accumulated QM events on a larger scale. 

We define time, proper time and the according time dilation at a most fundamental level below that of Quantum Mechanics. Time manifests itself in QM, and our perception of time comes from aggregates of QM events. Gravity, electromagnetism and the strong force are all explained in a unified model of Forces by Proxy. Aether impulse transfers provide these forces when particles emit skewed aether fluxes. QM entanglement and the strange statistics of QM events are explained without resorting to “spooky action at a distance”. When discussing superposition we end up killing Schrodinger’s cat. Finally, we use it all in an attempt to make sense of general and special relativity. 

Michelson and Morley correctly dismissed the aether theory they tested. The problem was that they tested the wrong aether theory. Einstein went further by denouncing all functionality of the aether. Instead of being intimidated by this double mistake, we introduce an extremely potent aether. As soon as you start thinking about it in our way, the working of the aether is actually in plain sight.  

If correct, Forces by Proxy will change our entire view of the natural forces and how the Universe works. Even though the model presented contradicts most known paradigms with respect to the basics in physics, it is surprisingly consistent with known empirical facts. This, together with its simplicity, is what makes this model so exciting and inspiring.  

The lack of specific models in physics has jeopardized our understanding of nature and the universe, leaving it up to increasingly more complex mathematical models to explain the fundamental parts of nature. This situation has opened up for speculations about magnificent phenomena. Explaining the world down to its smallest details, as our aether model does, will help demystify physics. It is hard to make time travel according to general relativity when relativity and time is only a matter of differences in aether pressure and aether absorption rates. And the mystical nature of the uncertainty principle is reduced to statistical fluctuations in particle-aether interaction, not an inherent uncertainty in nature per se.  

The new model of the universe will not be so exciting at first glance. Worm-holes and time-travels are phenomena relegated to the realm of science fiction. Many magnificent theories based on singularities in the theory of relativity are at risk, and may follow suit. However, this is a small price to pay in order to know the exact way nature works, and even have a model that is fairly easy to understand. Then we can make the breakthroughs in science needed to meet the challenges of a rapidly more complex and difficult situation on earth. 

We have called our theory Forces by Proxy, because most effects in the aether takes place because there is a directional difference in the aether pressure on particles. Attraction is then provided by aether pressure deficiency from an “attractive” source, requiring that the neutral background aether pressure executes attraction as a compressive force by proxy - a third party. All forces works by aether pressure differences, while uncertainty works by random clusters of aether pressure difference.  

Our method is adapted to the need of bypassing a lot of wrong dogmas in physics. In our opinion, it would be close to impossible to start from existing postulates and calculate your way past such barriers. Our focus is not on making all the right formulas, but rather present a total platform that can work as starting point for ferreting out the true basics of physics. If there are no major mistakes in this presentation, we will be pleased and surprised. If there are less than 10 groundbreaking postulates that survive scrutiny, we will be disappointed. 



Michelson & Morley’s aether experiment


Forces by Proxy


Michelson & Morley’s aether experiment


Properties of the aether






The Electromagnetic Force


The Strong Force


Quantum Mechanics and the Uncertainty Principle


General Relativity


Special Relativity


Scientific Method


Some support for the aether 






Jørgen Karlsen 

Einar Nyberg Karlsen



Jorgen Karlsen 

Høvik, Norway  



Tormod Førre 



Trond Erik Hillestad 

Dr. Ian Ashmore 

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Mission statement has as its main goal to present new theories and models which can help solve some of the principle problems in physics. The topics will range from elementary particles, nuclear physics and quantum mechanics to  gravity and general relativity. A second edition of Forces by Proxy was published as an attachment to the Norwegian journal “Astronomi”, 2017 – 3. Here we present a short version, which was first released on May 17th 2017