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Forces by Proxy is a new theory which unifies all forces of nature. Based on a simple postulate of the existence of a mini-particle, the theory explains in detail the working mechanisms for gravitation, electromagnetism and the strong force.
The theory of Forces by Proxy as presented here at www.PrinciplePhysics.com, has been published in 5000 copies as a separate paper magazine as an attachment to the Norwegian magazine ”Astronomi” no. 4, May 2009. Also a 48 minutes animated video of the theory was attached.
The theory postulates the existence of an extremely abundant mini-particle – a sort of mini-Higgs which gives energy to all elementary particles through extremely frequent interaction. According to the theory, there are no direct attractive forces or fields, all attractive forces are explained as particle pressure from outside. Attraction is generated when elementary particles reduce the particle pressure of this mini-particle, thereby allowing the average background pressure to exercise the contractive forces as pressure form outside. This is in short the definition of Forces by Proxy.
Forces by Proxy has an enormous strength in explaining anomalies in physics, like explaining the speed of stars in galaxies without resorting to dark matter. A whole new model for the formation of galaxies is presented, with a radically new model for forces in galaxies. The theory denies the existence of dark matter. The Big Bang theory is also abolished, and no time-travel will ever be allowed. The curvature of space is explained as the vector sum of the particle pressure, while space itself is straight as a ruler, unless you incorporate the mini-particle as part of space itself.  
Forces by Proxy represents a new way to look at nature. If correct, this theory will solve the contradiction between quantum mechanics and gravity that was introduced in 1925. Having a simple theory which allows us to understand the fundamental functions of nature would greatly enhance the outcome from research performed globally, and put us in a better position to meet the challenges of an increasingly difficult situation on our planet.
Most of all – don’t believe in this model or anything else – challenge it.
The animated video of Forces by Proxy takes you through the basic steps of the theory, showing animated models for how the forces of nature work. Gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, special relativity, general relativity and the uncertainty principle - all explained in detail. Some consequences for our galaxy and the universe are shown, questioning existing paradigms. Several anomalies in astrophysics are explained without resorting to dark matter.
This is simply the most inspiring, thought bending video ever presented. It will inspire you to see the fundamental parts of the universe from a new angle.
The video presentation is dedicated to different chapter of the presentation, and most chapters will therefore have a 2-4 minutes video at the end of the written presentation. It is our opinion that the animated video presentation serves its purpose best when presented together with the different topics, so on this website we have not (yet) put on the long version.


(Can also be viewed on www.YouTube.com/forcesbyproxy)




Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11



Fig 1. Pioneer 10 and 11 are experiencing an anomalous acceleration towards the Sun. It is suspected that there is a systematic origin to the effect, but none has been found. Our model explains this effect as a combination of attractive and repulsive forces at work in our galaxy. The arrows show the direction at which the two space crafts left our solar system.
Credit galaxy: NASA / JPLCaltech / R.Hurt (SSC-Caltech); Pioneer probes: NASA; Graphics: Trond Erik Hillestad




Mission Statement
PrinciplePhysics.com has as its main goal to present new theories and models which can help solve some of the principle problems in physics. The topics will range from elementary particles and nuclear physics to gravity and cosmology.
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